ZOOM with us!

Individual group sessions

p.e. classes, senior living, company health

Basic Martial Arts club

No prior experience needed. 

"You do the work, you get the reward."

Workout your entire body and learn some basic Martial Art moves from our curriculum. This club-like atmosphere is designed to get active.

Beginner Adult (wht-Red)

No prior experience needed. 

"You do the work, you get the reward."

The question is, are you looking for more? We are not your typical showcase Dojo. Iron Fist Kung Fu has a curriculum passed down from generations that molds our bodies and strengthens our minds. Our Southern mixed with Northern style of Kung Fu is traditional but we aim to be prepared for the current world as well. Do it for the Sport, for the Body conditioning, for the Art, for the Fun, or just to be apart of a judge free group. Classes contain: Warm-ups, Stretching, Basics, Self-Defenses, Sparring, Drills and more.

Advanced Adult (Red-Blk)


Full Iron Fist Uniform

"A true Martial Artist knows, but doesn't need to be known."


Step up to the next level. You ranked to Red Sash, why stop there. This training will be far more intense, but can be obtained with effort and discipline. Your body has the muscle memory down, lets free it for you to find your individual style.

Training - 1 on 1 canceled

$25 per hour

"Make time for yourself and dream big with a personal guide."


Unlike group classes, One on One training is a vital instrument where we break down motor skills, movement, flexibility, balance, speed, strength and more to give you actual results. We are dedicated to help you reach your goals and perform higher than imagined, whether it be the sport, exercise or the art. Find yourself and your capabilities. Contact us for details.

Iron FIst Underground

Private class

"I’ve had a lot of rough patches in my life over the years, but Iron Fist is one of the things that kept me on my feet and helped me through them, making me a stronger person as a result."


Elite class.


Purpose & Responsibility

Through our Martial Arts Training of Iron Fist Kung Fu, we've come to realize the importance of Dedication, Resilience & Benevolence. These 3 characteristics play a huge role in the structure of our teachings and way of life. We wish to use this responsibly and share  our efforts.