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Purpose & Responsibility


I'm a title

I'm a title

Iron Courage is that moment when you get knocked down, but instead of giving into defeat, you dig deep to the pit of your being to find more, to rise up against all odds and persecution. To be impenetrable by the weapons forged against you.

Disaster Relief

We are a group of Martial Artists who wish to humble ourselves in a badass way. We have decades of experience & never stop learning new techniques or hone our skills. Our philosophy for gaining results is putting in blood, sweat & tears. Our curriculum is passed down generations and is called Shaolin Chuan Fa. We are a combination of Northern & Southern styles. We also acknowledge that modern tactics & techniques can sometimes be more effective in a life threatening attack; as there are no rules or much respect these days.

We know that even when in teaching, we are learning & gaining.

Our school of Iron Fist Kung Fu has a history that spans several generations, originating in mainland China and eventually being passed down to notable American masters Sifu Dino Spencer and Sifu Peter Serena. Shaolin Chuan Fa, as our style is known, is a blend of both northern and southern Shaolin style Kung Fu techniques that has evolved to ensure traditional Chinese boxing techniques don’t become obsolete in the modern fighting era.

Students will learn the basic structures and functions of techniques that they will be encouraged to use realistically in combat applications.


Our Mission

“Through wisdom and patience, I will draw strength and forgiveness. I will not let words be the cause of a drawn sword, but if my body is threatened; I will become a warrior.”

Iron Fist’s student creed highlights our core belief; combat techniques taught in our classes are to be used strictly in self defense, never to attack another. This is, in essence, what the spirit of Kung Fu is all about. 

Kung Fu, or Gung Fu, can be literally translated as ‘to put forth effort’ and is seen less as a fighting art and more as a way of life. We cultivate our bodies and our minds; in younger students this can be especially beneficial, seeing mental discipline and self confidence built inwardly while the body grows and strengthens outwardly.

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