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Kung Fu - Chinese Boxing



"I’ve had a lot of rough patches in my life over the years, but Iron Fist is one of the things that kept me on my feet and helped me through them, making me a stronger person as a result."


Contact us is you wish to meet and train with the Iron Fist Kung Fu group. We learn ancient fundamentals and train for modern results. We gain discipline, confidence and we stand tall in the art of fighting with solid Kung Fu.

Training - 1 on 1 


$20 per hour

"Self Defense should be natural. It should have certain and trustworthy results. It gives one the confidence to walk down the street and be prepared for anything. Self Defense should save your life."


Our self defense is derived from our ancient curriculum, but it is truly constructed from our personal and relative use and modern education. We use relevant statistics and bold aggressiveness to end an encounter. Contact us to host a seminar or check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Iron Fist Underground
Personal Training
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