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Basic Self Defense

"Self Defense should be natural. It should have certain and trustworthy results. It gives one the confidence to walk down the street and be prepared for anything. Self Defense should save your life."


We put together basic Self Defense moves that most anyone can do. We'll give your situational knowledge and tips to stay safe .

Couple's Self Defense

"Self Defense should protect your loved ones."


Learn Self Defense moves with a partner. Feel comfortable in the physical aspect as well as knowing your partner is learning how to defend themselves with simple moves and techniques.

fall prevention

"Ready for anything."



Iron Defense -Self Defense

Multiple courses



"When defending yourself or loved ones, you must do what it takes to survive."


Our self defense is derived from our ancient curriculum, but it is truly constructed from our personal and relative use and modern education. We use relevant statistics and bold aggressiveness to end an encounter. Contact us to host a seminar. 

Image by Timothy Eberly
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Purpose & Responsibility

To assist you in the knowledge we have acquired through study and experience.

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Iron Defense Program
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